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Stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

The work of Wesley Mission takes us to places near and far and along the way we meet some extraordinary people. We consider it a privilege and an honour to journey with people through their darkest nights and their brightest days. Some of these people have the courage and grace to share their stories with us. These are some inspirational stories of hope.

Gloria's story: Weathering storms

Gloria and Ken had always planned for a relaxed retirement, but when Ken was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, everything changed. Debts quickly spiralled and a grieving Gloria faced bankruptcy. Watch a video of Gloria’s story to find out how Wesley Financial Counselling helped her avoid bankruptcy and begin to get back on her feet.

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Susan’s story: A brave battle

When Susan lost her husband Craig, she also found herself with a failing business and more debts than she could pay. She became depressed and was at breaking point when she was referred to Wesley Financial Counselling. Watch a video of Susan’s story and find out how her Wesley Mission Financial Counsellor is helping her manage her debts and face the future with confidence.

Watch Susan’s story

Bronwyn’s story: Surviving hardship and debt

Bronwyn, a single mother of five, was struggling to provide for her children. Things only began to improve when Bronwyn started working with a Wesley Mission Financial Counsellor. Watch a video of Bronwyn’s story to find out how she’s setting goals and managing her money more effectively to meet the needs of her family.

Watch Bronwyn’s story

Kate's story: Growing up without money

Kate had to grow up quickly when her dad left, leaving her family broke. She struggled to cope with school work, caring for her siblings and the mounting family debts. Read Kate’s story of how life began to change when Kate’s mum met with a Wesley Mission Financial Counsellor and learned to budget effectively for the family’s needs.

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Neil and Jodie's story: Tipping over the edge

Neil and Jodi had always worked hard and budgeted diligently, but a sudden redundancy and surprise pregnancy was all it took to put the young family in financial distress. Read their story to find out how Wesley Mission Financial Counselling helped them to keep their home and get back on track.

Read Neil and Jodi’s story

Les’ story: Steering clear of gambling

Les grew up around pokies, and knew well that the odds are always stacked against him. Despite this, he developed a gambling addiction and began to abuse drugs and alcohol. Read his story to find out how Wesley Mission helped Les go through rehabilitation and learn how to take care of his money.

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Rachel’s story: Facing the future with confidence

When Rachel’s partner left her and their son, who suffers from chronic health problems, her life went from difficult to chaotic. She was left with a lease she couldn’t afford to pay on her own, which quickly put her into debt and under extreme financial stress, forcing her and her son to briefly become homeless. Read how Wesley Mission helped Rachel secure a new home and pay back her debts, and work towards getting her dream full time job.

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Fazal's story: Faith fuelled care

Fazal was a high-flying commodity trader when a market crash caused him to lose everything. Facing massive debts and in deep despair, Fazal sought help from Wesley Mission. Read Fazal’s story to find out how a Wesley Mission Financial Counsellor helped him to negotiate his debt repayments and rebuild his life.

Read Fazal’s story