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What we offer


Wesley Financial Counselling is a free, face-to-face, confidential counselling service. We offer counselling and support to people dealing with the emotional trauma and distress caused by financial crisis. It is a comprehensive, specialist counselling service that provides assistance toward gaining financial independence but does not lend money. We offer one-on-one financial counselling, ongoing casework services and consumer education.

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Wesley Financial Counselling provides help to people who:

  • have financial concerns or wish to avoid such worries in the future
  • cannot meet their financial commitments
  • are spending more than they earn
  • require help to sort out family finances
  • need advice on money management and budgeting
  • have a financial problem associated with an addiction.

Financial Counsellors are able to provide:

  • information, analysis of options, negotiation, mediation and referrals
  • advocacy on behalf of clients with creditors
  • short-term crisis management and long-term prevention strategies
  • education and advice on options, financial management skills such as budgeting and personal cash flow management.

Download the Wesley Financial Counselling brochure for future reference at the link below:

Financial Counselling Brochure

Personal budget planner

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Wesley Financial Counselling aims to:

  • provide a professional, high quality service for people facing financial difficulties
  • alleviate the stress of dealing with what can often appear to be an overwhelming financial problem by acting as an advocate for people
  • help overcome negative feelings resulting from debt
  • help people avoid bankruptcy by looking at all possible options
  • enhance financial independence and assist people to better manage their own financial situations
  • promote and foster financial literacy for individuals and the broader community
  • assist small businesses in financial crisis
  • participate in the process of bringing about social change through legislative reform
  • encourage and advocate for ethical finance industry practices.

How we work

Our Financial Counsellors generally work face-to-face with people to draw up a personal money plan which takes into account:

  • income
  • total living costs
  • options for possible expenditure reductions
  • possible debt repayment strategies.

The Wesley Financial Counselling approach involves initially trying to stabilise the financial situation by approaching creditors and seeking a moratorium on payments together with a freeze on interest, while at the same time preparing a repayment scheme for the creditor’s consideration.

If the creditor has commenced legal action, Wesley Financial Counselling can advise and assist clients in preparing and lodging the appropriate documents and, if necessary, provide a referral to legal services.

Philosophy of care

Wesley Financial Counselling’s philosophy combines counselling, assistance and self-help. By providing support, we enable people to become as independent as possible and ultimately take charge of their own financial situation.

Consumer Education Service

Wesley Financial Counselling’s Consumer Education Service helps individuals to make informed choices on money matters. The service is available to the general public and includes workshops, training and training materials.

Participants include individuals who are experiencing financial hardship and stress, as well as those who are interested in financial issues facing our community such as other Financial Counsellors and representatives from community centres, correctional centres, refuges and churches.

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