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Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program

Welcome to Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program

Welcome to Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program


Wesley Financial Literacy Education program was launched in 2011 in response to Wesley Mission’s research into the growing rate of financial stress in the community.

The program was developed as an early intervention strategy aimed at helping people manage their money and avoid getting into debt.

Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program integrates with other services that Wesley Mission offers, including financial counselling.

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Fast facts

Fast Facts Wesley Counselling

In 2014/15, Wesley Counselling Services helped 636 people and their families through 2,597 gambling counselling sessions, provided legal support to 145 people and their families, and experienced a 14 per cent increase in the demand for their Wesley Financial Counselling service on 2013/14.

Find out more in the 2015 Annual Report: Strength. Spirit. Hope.

'In Charge of my Money' Program Evaluation Report

This report details the first evaluation of the In Charge of My Money program, which was conducted by Macquarie University and funded by Financial Literacy Australia. In addition to examining the effectiveness of the program, this research also explored the usefulness of text message reminders (‘nudges’) after the program.

Key Findings

This evaluation found both quantitative and qualitative evidence that the In Charge of My Money program content and delivery is relevant for some of the most socially and economically disadvantaged and vulnerable people within the Australian population. More specifically:

  • Immediately after the program, participants rated the In Charge of My Money program very highly and had few complaints.
  • When asked several months later if they would recommend the program to their friends, the majority (85%) said they would recommend it because it was easy to understand, relevant, and helpful. This suggests that the participants’ high opinion of the usefulness and relevance of the program immediately after the program did not decline over time.

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View the 'In Charge of My Money' Program Evaluation Report

Commitment to care

Wesley Mission sees real benefit in making people aware that financial literacy and stability are crucial aspects of wellbeing, just like diet, exercise and the maintenance of good health practices. We encourage people to engage in a regular ‘financial health check-up’ as part of a wellness routine, rather than only examining their finances when a monetary problem arises.

We are dedicated to providing professional services to help improve mental health within the community and provide the resources to keep minds well. Wesley Mission received a Highly Commended MoneySmart Week Award in 2013 for our In Charge of My Money program. MoneySmart Week is an independent, not-for-profit initiative encouraging all Australians to take the next step in managing their finances.

In awarding Wesley Mission the MoneySmart Week Award in 2013 the judges said, "This excellent program reaches out to vulnerable people who are in real need and provides them with excellent financial literacy information and support. This direct support is essential for people who may be struggling with a range of issues such as drug and alcohol addiction. We encourage Wesley Mission to continue this vital work."

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