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What we offer


Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program’s In Charge of My Money is delivered as a course in three modules. The program is used to assist communities, groups and individuals who are finding it difficult to manage their money make more informed decisions about their spending and borrowing.

This award winning educational program is particularly suited to group presentations and has already been adopted by a range of workplaces, community organisations, drug and alcohol centres and multicultural and migrant groups. The program complements our existing one-on-one service delivered by Wesley Financial Counsellors which predominantly helps people who may be already experiencing financial difficulties.


Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program aims to:

  • provide a professional, high quality support service for people
  • help people change their behaviours through developing knowledge, understanding and skills in managing their money
  • improve the financial health and wellbeing of the broader community.

In Charge of My Money was developed with the following objectives in mind:

  • to help participants develop knowledge, understanding and skills about basic money management
  • to help participants make informed and effective decisions to better manage their money in order to make behavioural change
  • to provide supportive material and tailored facilitation that meets the needs of each target group
  • to deliver sessions in a professional, compassionate and safe environment.

Philosophy of care

Research identified financial literary education as one of the proven strategies to assist peoples’ ability to manage financial stress.

Wesley Mission’s overarching approach is to prevent vulnerable members of the community from getting into financial stress by providing strategies to manage money in an effective and permanent way.

The tailored facilitation considers the background of the participants and supports the needs of each target group in a safe environment.

How we work

In Charge of My Money is delivered by a Financial Educator to communities and organisations through a series of group presentations. This program also incorporates the services of a Financial Counsellor in the delivery.

Each module is approximately three hours long. The program is flexible and can be customised to suit the needs of the group within a limited timeframe.


The content of In Charge of My Money is arranged into three modules and each module uses worksheets to engage the participants. The materials incorporate information from the MoneySmart website with permission from Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program 02

Module 1: Know it—Your income and expenses
This section examines the sources of your income and expenses, what you spend your money on and how you pay for things.
Part 1: Know your income and expenses
Part 2: Know where your money goes
Part 3: Know how you pay for things

Module 2: Do it—Managing your money

This section examines how to manage your money by identifying your goals, saving, planning and preparing a budget.
Part 1: Know what you want—goal setting
Part 2: Pay yourself first—savings
Part 3: Planning and budgeting—manage your money

Module 3: Review it—Managing your debt

This section explores how you manage your debt through examining your loans and the cost of borrowing. It provides an opportunity to review expenses and manage debt through budgeting.
Part 1: Getting into and out of debt
Part 2: Know the real cost of borrowing
Part 3: Monitor and manage your debt
Part 4: Where to go for help

The information given is general in nature and the course is not intended to provide financial or investment advice. 


Fees are negotiated at time on enquiry.

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