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Welcome to Wesley Gambling Counselling

Welcome to Wesley Gambling Counselling


Wesley Gambling Counselling was first established in 1997 when Wesley Mission submitted a successful application to the Casino Benefit Trust for funding for the world’s first comprehensive gambling counselling service. The service, aimed at problem gamblers and their families, offered personal gambling counselling, family therapy, financial counselling, training for Gambling Counsellors and a legal service for gamblers and their families. 

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Originally part of Wesley Financial Counselling (CreditLine), by 1998 the gambling counselling service had grown to such an extent that it required its own identity and became Wesley Gambling Counselling. This service is free to individuals and families experiencing the effects of problem gambling issues.

Our service is currently funded by the Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF), previously known as Casino Benefit Trust, through the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing.

Wesley Mission is committed to giving people every opportunity to live a full and happy life. We offer a suite of high quality free or low cost counselling services for individuals and families.

Wesley Counselling Services provides a range of services including problem gambling counselling, legal services, financial counselling, financial literacy programs, psychological services and other supporting services to consumers and people affected by addictions and mental health issues.

We are dedicated to providing professional services to help improve mental health within the community and provide the resources to keep minds well. 

Fast facts

Fast Facts Wesley Counselling

In 2014/15, Wesley Counselling Services helped 636 people and their families through 2,597 gambling counselling sessions, provided legal support to 145 people and their families, and experienced a 14 per cent increase in the demand for their Wesley Financial Counselling service on 2013/14.

Find out more in the 2015 Annual Report: Strength. Spirit. Hope.

Commitment to care

For more than 16 years Wesley Gambling Counselling has been helping problem gamblers and their families to overcome the destructive and all consuming influence that problem gambling has on their lives.

Wesley Gambling Counselling has joined partnership with other gambling services in a joined up thinking approach to service delivery. For example the NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling Program is a partnership that commenced in January 2012. The purpose of this partnership is to assist our Gambling Counsellors to help Aboriginal clients, build community relationships and facilitate positive interactions between our counselling services and the Aboriginal community. 

Wesley Mission’s values

Find out more about Wesley Mission’s values and core beliefs.

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