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Stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

The work of Wesley Mission takes us to places near and far and along the way we meet some extraordinary people. We consider it a privilege and an honour to journey with people through their darkest nights and their brightest days. Some of these people have the courage and grace to share their stories with us. These are some inspirational stories of hope.

Lucas’ story: Finding his feet in J-Club

It has been a long journey for Lucas who was left paralysed after being beaten by a friend. Through it, Lucas’ faith has remained central. Read how the J-Club has helped Lucas and been an integral part of his recovery journey.

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Penny and Will’s story: Carers need disability respite

Devoted mum and carer Penny felt invincible caring for Will, her son with a disability. Imagine her shock when she found out she needed immediate treatment for breast cancer. Watch a video of their story to find out how Wesley Disability Respite services cared for Will and gave Penny peace of mind while she underwent treatment.

Watch Penny and Will’s story

Tucky’s story: Learning every day

Tucky was born with cerebral palsy and autistic tendencies, and has experienced severe seizures since developing epilepsy at a young age. His mother, Jenny, was worried how he would cope transitioning to life after school. Read how Wesley LifeSkills helped Tucky gain the skills and confidence he needed to make this transition.

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Zach’s story: Respite relief

Now seventeen, Zach’s family are well equipped to the realities of living with autism. Find out how Wesley Respite helps.

Watch Zach's story