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Welcome to Wesley Community Living

Welcome to Wesley Community Living


Wesley Community Living began in the early 1980s to enable people with mild intellectual disabilities to live independently while also providing support.

Pinnaroo was a hostel run by Wesley Mission—some referred to it as Wesley Residential Services. It was a 40 bed facility with 38 clients in residence, located in Burwood. In line with de-institutionalisation it was decided that the residents should be slowly transitioned into the community. Wesley Mission was assisted via funding from government departments throughout the process. Pinnaroo was closed after the last clients left.

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The transition process started pre-1983, prior to the release of the Richmond Report and as such was seen as very progressive. The Richmond Report recommended moving people out of mental institutions to be cared for in the community. Those people who transitioned to independent living became the core of a new drop-in support program now called Community Living.

Wesley Mission has been working with people with disabilities for more than 40 years. Throughout this time we have piloted a number of new support programs and demonstrated an ability to stay up to date with demands and developments in the field.

As services for people with disabilities have become more sophisticated, Wesley Mission has tailored services accordingly. We are able to draw on a number of networks and resources that we have built up over the years to offer people with a disability and their families a high standard of care.

Fast facts

Fast Facts Wesley Disability

In 2014/15, Wesley Disability Services supported 550 clients, provided 530,121 face-to-face hours of support and implemented 11 new programs to help people living with disability.

Find out more in the 2015 Annual Report: Strength. Spirit. Hope.

Commitment to care

Wesley Community Living is an innovative, well respected program that is effective in supporting people with disabilities to live independently.

Wesley Community Living is part of a suite of services provided by Wesley Mission for people with a disability. Other services include accommodation, employment, training, behaviour intervention, life skills and respite care for people with a disability and their carers.

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Wesley Mission has a strong commitment to the training and development of staff. We provide comprehensive induction, orientation and training programs to ensure staff have the information and skills to effectively and professionally care for and support the people they work with. Wesley Disability Services employs more than 240 staff and has support systems in place to help them carry out their role consistently. These include quality administrative systems, generic forms, clear procedures and policies. Emergency out of hours, on call back up is available to all staff.

Wesley Disability Services are responsible to the Department of Ageing, Disability and Homecare (ADHC) and the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) through their individual audited processes.

All services offered through Wesley Disability Services meet the requirements of ADHC, conform to the Disability Services Act NSW (1993) and meet the Disability Services Standards (DSS) 2007. Wesley Disability Services policies and procedures are updated in line with changes in legislation and standards.

Wesley Mission is committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) to promote the wellbeing of people with a disability in a culturally appropriate manner. Wesley Disability Services upholds the principles of self-determination and participation in decision making for all CALD, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Wesley Mission’s values

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