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Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services

Wesley Employment & Training provides Disability Employment Services (DES) in regional New South Wales funded by the State and Federal Government. It assists people with a disability, injury or health condition to access education, employment and non-vocational support. 

DES is an individualised service which focuses on each person’s needs. Participants will receive tailored support to assist them to overcome barriers that are getting in the way of education, training or employment. Our staff have many years’ experience working with jobseekers with a disability and can connect clients with appropriate services.

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Placement and recruitment services
With our knowledge of local industry and our client profiling, Wesley Employment & Training can deliver productive employment opportunities for people with employment barriers requiring tailored short term assistance under our Disability Management Program.

Industry skills development
With access to Wesley Training and a wide range of recognised training organisations, we can assist with training and up-skilling of staff to suit your business needs prior to employment or as part of our ongoing support once a client is employed.

Case management and support
Our team of experienced case managers work with job seekers to assess individual skills and address barriers for a smooth transition into the workforce.