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Resume tips

Resume tips

When you go for a job you will need to have a résumé. A résumé is a document which contains your personal details, study and work history. Résumés are generally displayed on A4 size paper and may be several pages.

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When you are applying for a job you should include a copy of your résumé with your application letter. Make sure you only send a copy of your résumé as it could be lost in the mail.

A résumé can be set out in a few sections including:

  • personal details—your name, address and phone number
  • education and training—your highest level of education achieved and details of any relevant training courses or qualifications you may have achieved
  • work history—a history of the work you have done starting with your most recent job and ending with your first job
  • referees—before employing you, a prospective employer may want to contact one or more of your previous supervisors to see what your work performance was like.

Try to limit your résumé to two or three pages. Employers can often lose interest when reading through long résumés.

Depending on your skills and work history, you may need to tailor your résumé to suit the job you are applying for.

Get two or three reference letters from people who know you and who know what you can do. Do not forget that these people must know you and be willing to say good things about you as many employers will ring up or write to them to ask about you.

Make sure you always have your résumé on a separate document from the one you use to write your letter applying for a job.

Download a sample resume.

Sample resume