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What we offer


Wesley Employment & Training works closely with employers from all industries to ensure job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition, are ready and trained in the skill sets that employers need. We also offer ongoing training through our training provider, Wesley Training, and through a wide range of other training organisations. Through these partnerships we are able to meet the skills development needs of those seeking employment and the regional industry requirements.

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Wesley Training and partner training organisations provide pathways to employment, career advancement and career changes through new skills, upgrading existing skills or obtaining nationally recognised qualifications.

Wesley Employment & Training tailors its individual support through a dedicated team of experienced, skilled and passionate Case Managers. These Case Managers work with job seekers from the first contact to assess their individual needs, while identifying areas that will need support for a quick transition into the workforce.

Our Case Manager can assist job seekers with:

  • individualised job plans 
  • job seeking skills and access to job seeking resources 
  • identifying appropriate training opportunities
  • interview preparation 
  • individualised post-placement support.


Wesley Employment & Training aims to provide holistic care and support to those seeking employment and employers who need staff. We focus on partnerships and relationship building to ensure that we meet the needs of the community we serve.

Philosophy of care

Wesley Mission believes in the value and worth of a meaningful and productive vocation. Some people have multiple barriers to gaining employment. We are committed to supporting and training disadvantaged people to help them enter the workforce.

Wesley Employment & Training continually looks for ways to provide equal opportunities for people that recognise the worth of every individual. All those we work with are valued, respected and given opportunities to develop their full potential and pursue a career path of their choice.


Wesley Employment & Training services are offered at:

  • Taree
  • Tuncurry.


Wesley Employment & Training services are also offered at outreach locations of:

  • Gloucester
  • Tea Gardens.