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Stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

The work of Wesley Mission takes us to places near and far and along the way we meet some extraordinary people. We consider it a privilege and an honour to journey with people through their darkest nights and their brightest days. Some of these people have the courage and grace to share their stories with us.

Candice's story: Building stronger families

Candice’s childhood traumas made caring for her own children difficult. Read her story and discover how the Wesley Brighter Futures program helped Candice give her children the love and care she missed out on as a child.  

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Hayley's story: When things come crashing down

When Hayley became a mum in her teens, she faced immense challenges. Read about how Wesley Brighter Futures program helped Hayley to build a support network, deal with grief, find safer housing and even begin working towards a career in teaching. 

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Carly and Michael’s story: Choosing to be a family

When Carly and Michael’s daughter was removed from the family home by police, they realised they needed to address a range of issues if they were to be a family again. Read how Wesley Family helped them work through their issues so that they could become the best parents and people they can be, and reconnect as a family.

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Zainab and Kasim’s story: A New Beginning

Zainab and Kasim sought refuge in Australia to start a new life for their family. But the expected challenges of moving to a new country were compounded when the boat they travelled in to Australia sank. The whole family survived but are still dealing with the effects of this traumatic experience. Read how Wesley Brighter Futures helped this family work through the issues resulting from this experience and reconnect as a family.

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Alex’s story: Finding direction

Alex had a bad attendance record at school with poor grades, he was stealing, taking drugs and getting into a lot of arguments with his parents. Read how Wesley Family helped Alex find his way and reconnect with his family.

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Sylvia’s story: I got music in me

When Sylvia and her family moved to Australia from England, her children had difficulty settling in. Read how Wesley Family helped them settle and make connections with other parents and children.

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