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Wesley Family Centre The Hills

Wesley Family Centre The Hills


Wesley Family Centre The Hills offers free family support services for any family caring for children from birth to 12 years of age. Qualified Family Workers and Parenting Coaches assist people individually, as a couple or as a family group.

The Centre offers parenting skills development and opportunities to meet and build relationships with other families in the community, as well as activities to support children’s growth and development.

Through a range of low cost workshops and coaching initiatives, we offer practical ways to improve family life both at home and in the broader community.

We also provide a youth outreach service, Wesley StreetSmart, via a mobile van service that visits areas where young people socialise.

Through Wesley Multicultural Services we provide support services for mothers from a range of cultural backgrounds who have young children, children with special needs or teenagers.


Wesley Family Centre The Hills aims to create strong communities by nurturing and developing happy and resilient families who are well connected and supported in their local area.

We aim to build on the strengths and competencies that each family or individual has to increase their ability to effectively deal with issues and problems that may arise during the course of life. 

Philosophy of care

Wesley Mission provides child centred family focused support motivated by the belief that strong families are at the heart of strong communities. We emphasise the strengths that individuals and families have while recognising that raising a family or family interactions can sometimes be difficult.

We believe that all families have the ability to thrive and contribute positively to the communities in which they live.