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What we offer


Wesley Dalmar provides homes for children and young people who cannot live with their families by recruiting, training and supporting foster carers.

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Our foster carers are mature, child focussed people who are committed to providing a safe, secure and loving environment for the children or young people in their care.

Wesley Dalmar offers permanent, temporary, respite and residential care for children from birth to 18 years of age and aftercare support for young people (until they are 25 years old) who have previously been in care.

Anyone who has been in the care of Wesley Dalmar may also have access to their personal records and is offered support through a dedicated After care program.

We augment our foster care programs with wrap around services so that each team also has direct access to education and clinical specialists. 


Wesley Dalmar’s primary focus is the welfare and best interests of the child or young person. The program aims to:

  • enhance the skills, opportunities, safety and knowledge of children and young people in a family environment
  • build self-esteem and resilience and heighten self-worth in vulnerable children
  • support the family unit by maintaining relationships with significant people in the child’s life
  • recruit and support excellent foster carers who are committed to loving and nurturing the children in their care.
  • provide permanency for children—with their family (including extended family) or a foster care family
  • provide adoption for children in care in specific circumstances where this is in the best interests of the child.

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Philosophy of care

Wesley Dalmar’s services are based on a belief in the worth and value of every child and young person. Wesley Dalmar has a number of beliefs:

  • All family members are valued. Every effort is made to maintain the child’s close relationships with the people who are significant in their life including parents, siblings, extended family, peers, family friends and community.
  • Maintaining confidentiality, identity, culture, language and religion is essential.
  • Growing up in a family unit is important. Wesley Dalmar believes that children should be given every opportunity to grow up with the people they regard as family. These relationships are an integral part of a child’s development.
  • Participation is key. We believe that quality foster care must be delivered on the basis of a team approach which is inclusive of the child or young person, their natural parents, carers and caseworkers.
  • Foster carers are valued. Wesley Dalmar recognises that the foster family is the essential ingredient to a successful placement and is therefore committed to the support of foster carers through the provision of casework, initial and ongoing training and encouragement to be part of the decision making process.