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Stories of Hope

Welcome to stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

The work of Wesley Mission takes us to places near and far and along the way we meet some extraordinary people. We consider it a privilege and an honour to journey with people through their darkest nights and their brightest days. Some of these people have the courage and grace to share their stories with us. These are some inspirational stories of hope.

Aia’s story: Planning with confidence for the future

When Aia’s partner abandoned her with six kids to look after and thousands of dollars of debt, she found it impossible to find an affordable place to rent. Read her story to find out how her time at Wesley Noreen Towers helped Aia to get back on her feet. 

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Ronald's story: Looking after a returned serviceman

Since Ron returned from military service in Vietnam in 1968, he suffered from PTSD and was never able to find a place to call home. Read Ron’s story to learn how Wesley Mission is caring for Ron by ensuring he feels valued and worthy in a home of his own.

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Clarissa’s story: Building stronger families

Imagine the shock of a fire destroying your home, leaving you and your family with nowhere to live. Read Clarissa’s story to learn how her persistence and determination, with the support of Wesley Family Centre, helped her find a new home for herself and her five kids.

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Lee's story: Struggling to shield her kids

Lee had always worked hard, but when a relationship breakdown robbed her of her home and small business, she found herself with no income and no safe place for her and her two kids to live. Read Lee’s story of frustration with “the system” and find out how Wesley Mission helped Lee and her children to find a safe new home.

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Sai's story: DIY daddy

When Sai’s ex-wife decided she no longer wanted to care for their kids, Sai went from full-time truck driver to full-time single dad overnight. Read Sai’s story to find out how Wesley Mission helped Sai and his six children by providing a safe, loving home.

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Sophie's story: A place of her own

Sophie’s struggles with mental illness meant that she has spent much of her adult life in psychiatric hospital wards or on the street. Read her story to find out how the team at Wesley Mission’s Edward Eager Lodge helped Sophie to secure safe long term accommodation and begin to rebuild her life.

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Kelly's story: Bitter past, sweet heart

Kelly was abused as a child by a family friend. As she grew into adult life, she struggled with unresolved emotional pain, living on the streets and using drugs to kill the emotional torment she endured growing up. Read how Kelly’s persistence in exploring her faith and Wesley Mission inspired and helped her turn her life around. 

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Piya's story: A mind-altering God

Piya’s decision to live the high life, working for a Sydney gang making drugs, was fuelled by his hatred of his mother and unresolved issues from his childhood. He now lives in a share house with several other former homeless men. Read about Piya’s journey from living a lucrative life to living homeless on the streets of Sydney, and how finding his faith in God and Wesley Mission helped turn his life around.

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Pop’s story: Stability and value

After suffering a stroke, which left Pop numb on one side of his body, Pop found it difficult to work. This left him in an unstable financial position, and resulted in him sleeping rough or living in shelters for years. Read about Pop’s journey and how Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge helped him through it.

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Zehra’s story: In and out of homelessness

After years of violent abuse, Zehra left her husband and took her two sons with her. Things improved temporarily, but she had to work long days to support her children, and she started using drugs to help her keep up. Her addiction eventually pushed her children away from her. She was broke, alone and had nowhere to go. Read how Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge provided Zehra with a safe place to live and help her see that she can get her life back on track.

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Veronica’s story: Suddenly homeless

When Veronica found herself suddenly homeless, she spent the days walking the streets and sleepless nights searching for lit areas to sit. That was until she found Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge. Find out how her life changed.

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Julie’s story: Grace at hand for homeless family

Divorce and illness had turned Julie’s life into a living nightmare. She was homeless and living on the streets. Read how Wesley Mission helped her turn her life around.

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Matt's story: breaking free of drugs and homelessness

Surrounded by drugs as a child and it seemed natural for Matt to start taking them as he entered his teens. This is his story.

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