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Wesley Community Housing

Welcome to Wesley Community Housing

Welcome to Wesley Community Housing

Wesley Community Housing provides suitable, sustainable and secure accommodation, so people can live independent, happy and fulfilled lives. Because everyone has the right to a safe place to live.

We provide property and tenancy management services for some of the most vulnerable members of our community; helping to secure safe and affordable housing options for people on very low to moderate incomes who may be at risk of homelessness or unable to compete in the private rental market. With the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a safe and secure place to live, people are able to focus on setting and achieving life goals, by pursuing education, employment and training.

Wesley Community Housing manages over 350 tenancies throughout New South Wales (NSW) in Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle, supporting individuals, families, young people, people who are ageing, and people with disability.

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Wesley Community Housing aims to:

  • break the cycle of homelessness and disadvantage by providing affordable housing
  • help people find secure and sustainable housing that meets their needs
  • advocate effectively and persistently for those in need of housing
  • foster the development of personal living skills
  • encourage people to develop healthy relationships with their families or other support people
  • address the barriers to sustainable housing including drug abuse, domestic violence, financial stress and relationship breakdown
  • support people in their goals, plans and ambitions
  • provide people with resources, training and services that address their complex needs, so they can participate more fully in their communities
  • build stronger, more robust communities.

Commitment to care

The circumstances that can lead people to homelessness are often complex and require sustained and thoughtful care. Wesley Mission provides holistic support to people who are homeless. We aim to meet the immediate need for shelter and safety and then draw on our wide range of community services—including mental health, employment, training, pastoral care, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, counselling and family services to support people in the longer term to get their lives back on track and live with dignity and respect.

Wesley Mission regularly conducts research on homelessness to raise awareness, inform policy makers and find solutions to homelessness in Australia.

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Wesley Mission has been providing accommodation for homeless people in Sydney from as early as 1819, when our Methodist founders established the Sydney Asylum for the Poor, housing over 50 people. In 1866, we opened the Sydney Night Refuge, which had begun as a tent in the garden of a committed Methodist, where men without a home could stay.

Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge

Opening its doors in 1979, Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge was the first residential facility in Sydney to offer accommodation for both males and females with individual lockable rooms.

It bears the name of one of the founders of Methodism in Australia, Edward Eagar, who was a leading advocate for the emancipist cause in Australia in the early nineteenth century. A former lawyer, Eagar was instrumental in bringing about constitutional reform in New South Wales (NSW) including the validation of pardons, trial by jury and recognition of ex-convicts’ rights.

Wesley Independent Living

This program developed around the late 1980s out of Wesley Mission’s services for young people. The service began as Independence Training and provided accommodation and counselling for young people who were leaving foster care or a group home and were at risk of becoming homeless.

The program was originally located at Wesley Mission’s Bernard Smith home in Hornsby before moving to Ashfield. The program then extended to the Central Coast in 1991. 

Wesley Short-term Units

This program opened in 1987, filling a much needed gap by providing accommodation specifically for families that are homeless. As one of only a handful in NSW who provided this unique service, Wesley Mission recognised the crucial role this accommodation played in helping families get back on their feet.

Wesley Noreen Towers

Named after the Rev Noreen Towers from Wesley Mission, Wesley Noreen Towers opened in 2004 as a response to the high number of families with children in the Liverpool area who were homeless. Working with Community Services and the Department of Housing, Wesley Mission created this innovative community that combined access to accommodation with family support and group work services.

Wesley Community Housing

Historically, community housing was designed to support people who are homeless in their transition from emergency accommodation back into their community. We established our first community house in The Rocks in 1982 and, after gaining government funding and access to more housing, we expanded our community housing in the early 1990s.

Greenacre Supported Housing

Rising to the challenge of a growing population of older homeless people in Sydney, Greenacre Supported Housing opened in 2005. The innovative program offered 10 units provided by the NSW Department of Housing and managed by Wesley Mission. At the heart of the program was the vision to offer permanent housing for people who would otherwise be homeless, so they could have security and peace of mind.