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Stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

Welcome to stories of hope

The work of Wesley Mission takes us to places near and far and along the way we meet some extraordinary people. We consider it a privilege and an honour to journey with people through their darkest nights and their brightest days. Some of these people have the courage and grace to share their stories with us. These are some inspirational stories of hope.

Mitch’s story: A battle against ice

To help with the anxiety of his parents’ divorce, his mother’s excessive drinking and bullying at school, Mitch became a daily cannabis user at just 15 years old. He also experimented with other drugs before becoming addicted to ice. Read Mitch’s full story and how Wesley Hospital and his faith helped turn his life around. 

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Tina’s story: Overcoming alcohol addiction and childhood trauma

It was not until Tina was in her 30s that she began to struggle with alcohol addiction, which was triggered when started having flashbacks of the childhood abuse she had experienced. But, it was only as she neared her 60s that a crisis brought the full nature of her problem home to her. Through the staff and program at Wesley Hospital Tina found the encouragement and hope she needed to confront her problems and re-connect with her family. 

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Trenton’s story: A helping hand on the journey to recovery

Trenton was living on the street, drinking and smoking all day when his epiphany came, and he sought help. Read his story to find out how Wesley Hospital helped Trenton to overcome his addictions and turn his life around.

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Helen's story: Moving from past to pressure

Since she was a child, Helen has cared for her mother and brother who suffer from mental health and addiction issues, putting their needs above her own. Read Helen’s story to find out how Wesley Mission has helped her to finally prioritise her own needs.

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Jim's story: Taking a break from caring

Jim remembers how his wife Maggie’s mental health problems began when she developed postnatal depression. This developed into severe bipolar disorder, alcoholism and resulting dementia. Watch Maggie and Jim’s story, and find out why they are grateful for the support Wesley Mission has provided over the years.

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Peter’s story: Recovery from alcohol addiction

Peter had struggled with alcoholism since his early twenties, but it wasn’t until he was 43 that he decided to seek help. Watch his story to see how Wesley Mission helped Peter to realise he could make different choices and begin to feel hopeful about life again.

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The Schramm's story: We are not alone

Janine lost her much beloved son who took his own life when he struggled with the thought that he might lose his children after his marriage broke down. Watch the video to hear how Wesley LifeForce supported Janine and her husband during this difficult time.

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Brenda’s story: Saving mother and child

Brenda was raised by her grandparents, who passed away within the same year when she was 13. With the safety and love she had known suddenly gone, Brenda’s world was turned upside down. She ran away to a world where homelessness, addiction and abuse were the norm. Read Brenda’s full story and how Mums and Kids matter helped Brenda turn her life around for her and her son Luke.

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Natalie's story: Hanging on to the little things

“I loved prison. I had so much fun in there”. It is not a phrase you expect to hear from anyone, let alone a young mother who spent the better part of her pregnancy in prison detoxing from hard drugs. But Natalie turned her life around with the help and support of Wesley Mission’s Mums and Kids Matter program.

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