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The most important step to take in your recovery is making the decision to seek help. Once you’ve made the decision, our caring staff will work closely with you during the admission process.

Below is your step-by-step guide for admission into Wesley Hospital.

Step 1: Consider your options to pay for your treatment

Admission into Wesley Hospital is available to patients with private health insurance or who can fund their treatment by other means.

As a private hospital, we are able to arrange payment through your private health insurance. However, if you don’t have private health insurance, then you may wish to consider our other payment options. Read more to find a payment option plan to suit you.

Find a treatment payment plan to suit you

Step 3: Make an appointment with us

Call us on 1300 924 522 where one of our caring admissions nurses will speak with you over the phone. They will ask you a few questions to help understand your particular needs and circumstances. If you have carried out Step 1 and 2, our nurse will speak to you about setting up a time for a face-to-face pre-admission assessment with one of our psychologists.

Or if you prefer, complete an Admission Enquiry form and one of our caring admissions nurses will be in touch with you.

Submit a Wesley Hospital Admission Enquiry Form

Step 4: Pre-admission assessment

The face-to-face pre-admission assessment with our psychologist helps us to understand you and your needs. It will also help our psychologist put together the best and most effective treatment plan for you. Our psychologist will give the final go ahead for admission, and depending on placement availability, arrange an admission date with you.

Step 5: Day of admission

Admission as an inpatient

Wesley Hospital provides hospital stay services if you need 24-hour hospital care. On the day of your admission as an inpatient, our admissions nurse will meet you at reception and will take you through any paperwork and get you settled into your room. So that you are comfortable and have what you need, we recommend you bring with you, your:

  • general practitioner's referral letter
  • Medicare card
  • health fund card
  • Centrelink healthcare concession card 
  • Department of Veterans Affairs card if you are a veteran
  • any medication you are currently taking, along with your current prescriptions
  • pyjamas
  • dressing gown or night gown
  • slippers and walking shoes
  • several changes of clothing appropriate for the time of year
  • toiletries
  • hobbies (for example, books, crosswords, knitting).

Admission as a day patient

Our day patient programs offer you treatment and ongoing support if you don’t need the focused care that our inpatient treatment program offers. On your first day of attendance as a day patient, our admissions nurse will meet you at reception and then show you to your treatment room for the day.

For information on day patient programs at our Ashfield and Kogarah facilities, click below: 

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