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How to pay for treatment

How to pay for treatment

If you have private health insurance, we are able to arrange payment through your health fund.  If you don’t have private health insurance, then you may wish to consider our other payment options explained below.

Payment options available

Wesley Hospitals Admissions Process Diagram

Option 1: Claim through your private health insurance (preferred)

Full private health cover is available for all mental health conditions, even pre-existing conditions, once you have been a member of a health fund for two months. Wesley Hospital has agreements with the majority of health insurance funds and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Your private health insurance may also  cover all costs of the admission, including psychiatric medications and doctors’ costs.

If you are unsure about your level of cover, contact our admissions coordinator with your private health fund membership number on 1300 924 522 and we can let you know over the phone.

Option 2: Self-fund your payment

If you would like to self-fund your treatment, call us on 1300 924 522 to discuss the payment plan options that are available to you.

Option 3: What if I don’t have private health insurance or if I can’t self-fund?

If you do not currently have health insurance, you can take out a private health insurance plan today but that means you’ll be covered only after eight weeks. To discuss this option further, call us on 1300 924 522.

Low-cost treatment programs

Wesley Hospital provides day patient programs for many conditions. Depending on your needs, this could be a more affordable alternative for you than our inpatient program. To find out whether a day patient program is suitable for you and your needs, call us on 1300 924 522 and talk to our admissions coordinator.

Our day patient programs also provide a nurturing and secure environment in which to recover and help you return to living a fulfilled and connected life with your family and friends. The programs are delivered by our qualified team of psychologists and psychiatrists. Learn more about the types of treatment programs we offer.

Does Medicare help to cover any costs?

As Wesley Hospital is private hospital, Medicare does not cover any costs of the treatment programs we offer. However, Medicare may cover the cost of your visit to your GP when seeking a referral for admission to Wesley Hospital. Medicare will not cover the costs for a referral from a psychiatrist.