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Wesley Hospital is a teaching hospital of the University of New South Wales. We are actively involved in the training of medical students and allied health students at our facilities.

We actively engage in a number of specialist areas of research.

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Alcohol and other drugs programs—Wesley Hospital Kogarah

Wesley Hospital Kogarah’s alcohol and other drugs program is led by Professor John Saunders, who has joined other international experts in researching mental health and substance disorders to advise on the World Health Organisation’s Mental Health Global Action Program. Directed particularly at low income and middle income countries, the programs at Wesley Hospital Kogarah aim to ensure access and basic standards of treatment for people with mental health and substance use disorders.

Learn more about Professor John Saunders, Medical Director of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Program at Wesley Hospital Kogarah.

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Wesley Eating Disorders Centre—Wesley Hospital Ashfield

The Wesley Eating Disorders Centre offers the most comprehensive program of its kind in Sydney providing intensive in-patient service with the support of Psychiatrists, Physicians, Dieticians, Nurse Therapists and Psychologists. The recovery program is comprehensive and well-staged, moving gradually from intensive in-patient treatment to day programs and care as a day patient.

The centre is led by Dr Naresh Mondraty, who trained extensively with Professor Peter Beumont. Dr Mondraty’s research into the physiological state of eating disorder patients has indicated that there are potentially new treatments that could complement other programs currently offered to patients. He has also carried out research into neuro-imaging treatments for eating disorder patients, in collaboration with the Neuropsychiatric Institute at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Learn more about Dr Naresh Mondraty, Director of the Wesley Eating Disorders Centre at Wesley Hospital Ashfield.

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Electroconvulsive Therapy Service—Wesley Hospital Kogarah

The Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) service based at Wesley Hospital Kogarah is a dedicated suite including separate waiting area, treatment and recovery bays. This service is led by Professor Colleen Loo, a Psychiatrist and Associate Professor with the School of Psychiatry, University of NSW, Sydney. Our ECT research is funded by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council and approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the University of New South Wales.

Our ECT service offers clinicians an opportunity to participate in the latest research into the effective treatment of depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Research studies include the use of ultra-brief pulse-width stimulation, a new approach which has been shown to dramatically reduce the memory side effects of ECT. Other approaches include the optimisation of anaesthetic agents used.

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