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Our mission for care with compassion

Our mission for care with compassion

Wesley Hospital has been providing compassionate psychiatric care in a nurturing and spiritually-enriching environment for over 60 years.

With locations in Ashfield and Kogarah, we are committed to providing holistic care for our patients and continually work to develop the best care possible through our consumer and carer representative committee.

Holistic care

Our holistic care approach addresses the connections between physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Chaplaincy services are made available for all our patients through mid-week and Sunday church services. You can also make an appointment to see our chaplain throughout the week. Our pastoral care responds to the diverse spiritual and emotional concerns of patients, their family and friends, as well as the hospital staff caring for them.

Commitment to continual quality care

As part of our commitment to provide quality care to our patients, consumer and carer representative committees are run at both our Kogarah and Ashfield locations.

Each committee is made up of former patients and carers who are experienced in caring for people suffering from mental illness. They meet regularly to discuss a range of topics and provide valuable representation in a range of areas relating to in-patient care.

Nurturing environment, boutique setting
Inpatients can air their views and ideas at community meetings attended by the representatives. These ideas and feedback are relayed to hospital management who then work together with the committees to respond.

If you are interested in joining our consumer and carer representative committees, contact the Hospital Operations Manager at Wesley Hospital Ashfield or Wesley Hospital Kogarah.

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