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Wesley Suicide Prevention Services

Suicide prevention—Wesley LifeForce training

Suicide prevention—Wesley LifeForce training

The first stage of the Wesley Mission suicide prevention model focuses upon educating people about suicide, challenging attitudes and teaching basic engagement skills. Since 1996 Wesley LifeForce has delivered suicide prevention skills training to more than 20,000 people in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote Australia.

Wesley Suicide Prevention Services 27

Products include suicide prevention training, courses to promote mental health in the workplace and financial literacy training.

Wesley LifeForce offers a suite of professional training programs to meet the needs of the community. We have developed tailored suicide prevention training programs for frontline community workers, including Aged Care Nurses, Aged Care Workers, Medical Practice Staff, General Practitioners, Practice Nurses and Relationship Counsellors.

These programs are designed to equip health care professionals with the skills to identify someone who may be at risk of suicide and the appropriate actions to take to assist them. Our programs are regularly reviewed by our national Advisory Board, consisting of leading Australian researchers and practitioners in the suicide prevention and mental health fields.