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Wesley Suicide Prevention Services

Wesley Mission services

Wesley Mission services

Lifeline provides access to crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services. Wesley Mission founded Lifeline in Australia in 1963 and continues to operate Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland.
Ph: 13 11 14

Wesley Financial Counselling
Wesley Financial Counselling provides confidential counselling to the vulnerable and disadvantaged facing financial crisis, helping them to achieve financial independence.

Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program
The Wesley Financial Literacy Education Program, In Charge of My Money, builds the capacity of communities, groups and individuals to make informed decisions about their borrowing and spending.

Wesley Psychological Services
Wesley Psychological Services provides low cost psychological support for people experiencing depression or stress, having trouble coping with life challenges or wanting to improve their overall emotional wellbeing.

Wesley Hospital
Wesley Hospital provides compassionate care for those in need of psychiatric help. The goal of the Wesley Hospital is to provide positive outcomes for people with a mental illness and for their family and carers.