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Wesley Seniors Social Hub

Welcome to Wesley Seniors Social Hub

Welcome to Wesley Seniors Social Hub


Wesley Seniors Social Hub, previously known as Wesley Seniors Living Centre, began serving the communities located in the Gosford and Wyong areas in 2005. When it opened it was one of the first of its kind on the Central Coast, offering centre based day respite for older people and their carers. The centre had the capacity to serve 25 clients per day and also ran a vehicle for transporting clients to and from the centre.

A major shift came for the centre in 2007 when the premises were flooded and had to move. This also coincided with additional funding to expand the service, allowing Wesley Seniors Living Central Coast to provide services for 42 people per day.

In 2009 Wesley Seniors Living Central Coast again expanded its service to the community with a move to their current premises in Colony Close, Tuggerah—providing clients with an outstanding facility that offers a central area, a dining area, breakout rooms for small groups or one-on-one sessions and an outdoor area. The service also operates two centre buses and a people mover to assist clients with their transport needs.

Commitment to care

Wesley Mission is committed to giving people every opportunity to live a full and happy life. This includes doing all we can to provide older people with the friendships they need and a strong network of support. Wesley Mission aims to enhance the spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing of people and our Wesley Seniors Social Hub is designed around this.

Wesley Seniors Social Hubs complement a vast array of Wesley Mission’s other services that support the wellbeing of older people, such as Wesley Social Support, Wesley Seniors Living Transport, aged care facilities and community support programs.

At Wesley Mission we place a high regard on respecting the privacy, dignity and freedom of choice of those we work with.

Wesley Mission’s values

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