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Wesley StreetSmart

Welcome to Wesley StreetSmart

Welcome to Wesley StreetSmart


Wesley StreetSmart began as a youth outreach centre in the city of Sydney in 1989 in response to the growing number of young people living on the streets. The centre opened on Liverpool Street, in the heart of the city, as a 24 hour welfare service for homeless young people. The centre offered counselling services, hot food, clothing, accommodation, advocacy and referrals to other services. To set the right tone and attract young people, Wesley Mission asked a number of well known Sydney graffiti artists at the time to paint the outside walls of the centre.

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The StreetSmart concept expanded and was taken on by Wesley Mission’s services in Newcastle; this time as a mobile outreach service for homeless young people in the form of the StreetSmart van. In keeping with the original centre’s look, the StreetSmart van was painted in graffiti design. The StreetSmart van service was then taken up by Wesley Mission’s youth services in the Western Sydney area, operating out of Wesley Youth Services Nepean.

Today Wesley Mission continues to run this youth outreach service through the Wesley StreetSmart vans. We have vans in Newcastle, Kingswood, Mt Druitt, Rouse Hill and South Windsor reaching out to young people in the local neighbourhoods and providing support in a variety of ways.

Fast facts

Fast Facts Wesley Youth

In 2014/15, Wesley StreetSmart engaged 1,773 young people, 200 young people were supported by Wesley Youth Hope, and Wesley Operation Hope supported 77 young people, up from 55 young people in the previous year.

Find out more in the 2015 Annual Report: Strength. Spirit. Hope.

Commitment to care

Wesley Mission is dedicated to strengthening families and helping young people through the transition years as they enter adulthood. We have pioneered a broad range of services for young people and their families to help them in whatever circumstances they are in.

Wesley Mission is committed to:

  • offering young people support through counselling, mediation, financial and legal support and crisis accommodation
  • building strong and resilient young people and offering early intervention work
  • helping vulnerable young people thrive and reach their potential through foster care, mentoring and holiday camps
  • connecting with teenagers through a range of support services in the areas of substance abuse, employment, life issues and accommodation.

Wesley Mission’s values

Find out more about Wesley Mission’s values and core beliefs.

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