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Governance at Wesley Mission

Organisation relationships

Organisation relationships

Wesley Mission is a Parish Mission of the Uniting Church in Australia comprising a community services company and 8 related congregations of the Church, collectively known as Wesley Congregational Life, which appoint representatives to a Mission Council. Wesley Mission is based in Sydney and operates principally within New South Wales. We are independent of other ‘Wesley’ organisations, although we may collaborate on projects with them from time to time.

Wesley Mission is guided by the same ethos and Christian principles that the Uniting Church in Australia extends to all parishes. The administration of Wesley Mission is subject to the provisions of the Uniting Church in Australia Act 1977 and to the Constitution, regulations and bylaws of the Uniting Church in the same manner as any other Uniting Church institution or congregation or group of related congregations.

Wesley Community Services Limited has responsibility for all operational assets of Wesley Mission—such as property, finances, government or corporate funding and donations. Wesley Community Services is required to hold all these financial instruments for the purposes of Wesley Mission which are defined in the Constitution.

Wesley Mission’s governing purpose, principles and strategic direction are set by the Board, informed by stakeholder engagement and implemented through a sustainable management framework, led by the CEO/Superintendent.