Our story

Our Christian convictions



In 1812, a small group of Wesleyans including two school teachers met for the first Methodist meeting in Australia. The early Methodists who came to Australia made it a priority to start schools and ensure that children in the new colony would receive an education whether they were in the city or the countryside. As a Christian church, Wesley Mission stands in the tradition of those who have been the major providers of education throughout Christendom.

We are committed to helping people fulfil their ambitions and life goals and part of that process is equipping them with the knowledge and training to do so. Education runs through all aspects of Wesley Mission’s life. Our congregations engage in Bible study groups where people come together to study the Bible, discuss theological issues, learn more of what it means to live a Christian life and encourage each other. We also believe that Christians are called to grow in their faith and use their knowledge and gifts to serve others. Toward this end congregations provide opportunities for lay people to become leaders of small groups, youth clubs and Sunday Schools and to participate in the pastoral care of the broader Wesley Mission community.

Through Wesley Vocational Institute people are given the opportunity to explore career paths and gain appropriate qualifications to enter their desired area of work. All of Wesley Mission’s services from counselling and mental health services through to our hospitals, employment, aged care, family and disability services are grounded in models of best practice and are committed to keeping abreast of the latest research.

Driven by the belief that learning should be a lifelong venture, Wesley Mission was responsible for opening the first School for Seniors in Australia in 1969, an innovative move in education that has since caught on and been replicated in many communities. Today Wesley School for Seniors offers more than 100 courses to some 500 students each term.

Education and training is a key component for all Wesley Mission staff who are encouraged to develop their skills and continue their journey of education right through their careers. Wesley Mission also believes in providing tools, resources and skills development opportunities to all those we work with including those who are unemployed, families, young people, older people, people with disability, homeless people and anyone else who seeks our services.