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Serving alongside

Serving alongside

Wesley Mission believes in the value of working and living alongside those who are disadvantaged, vulnerable or in need of support. We look to the life of Jesus Christ as a model for how to live and serve alongside others. During His life Jesus chose to spend time with those who were sick, poor or on the outskirts of society. Rather than remain aloof or offering wise words from afar, He was found in the heart of society, eating and socialising with those who needed acceptance and love the most.

While Wesley Mission’s head office and administrative services are located in the heart of the city, many of our services are spread across greater Sydney and beyond. This means that our people can fully engage in the lives of those they are working with and provide a hands-on approach to care and community service.

We believe it is important to understand and be present in local communities and we tailor our support and services to particular areas.