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Protection of human rights and freedom from abuse and neglect policy

Protection of human rights and freedom from abuse and neglect policy


The purpose of this policy is to promote the human rights of our people, clients and customers and to create a service environment where risks to the rights and well-being of our clients / customers are minimised.


The policy applies to all Wesley Mission services, all employees, volunteers, contractors and people in our care (clients and customers).

Policy statement

Wesley Mission affirms the right of all people to live their lives free from neglect, abuse and exploitation. If we become aware of an instance of abuse or neglect we shall respond promptly, professionally and compassionately to address the situation in accordance with  legislative and compliance requirements and human rights conventions applicable to Wesley Mission.

We have a duty of care to ensure that the rights of our clients/customers are respected, their wellbeing safe guarded and that they are not exposed to any form of abuse or neglect while in any of our services.

In our efforts to provide and to adhere to human rights principles and legislation we will ensure that:

  • client decision making and right to self-determination is adhered to
  • clients, staff and other relevant people are made aware of their rights
  • we actively support staff in understanding and implementing human rights principles through the provision of training

Responsibilities and policy owner

The policy owner is the General Manager Corporate.

All Managers, employees, volunteers and contractors shall:

1. Share the Wesley Mission commitment to maintaining an organisational culture that:

  • upholds the value and dignity of our clients/customers
  • builds trusting relationships with our clients/customers, their families and carers
  • provides services in an environment that is safe and welcoming for everyone
  • empowers our clients/customers by helping them to understand their rights
  • fosters an environment where everyone feels safe to raise concerns
  • responds proactively to concerns and complaints when they arise
  • fosters collaboration with other organisations in upholding clients/customers’ human rights and preventing abuse and neglect

2. Respond promptly, professionally and compassionately to address any situation of an instance of abuse or neglect of which they become aware.

Consultation & approval

This policy has been developed in consultation with the Quality & Compliance officers across Wesley Mission industry groups, members of the WIMS working group and with reference to the generic framework for policy.

The policy has been approved by General Manager Corporate.