Starting conversations during Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, 23 - 29 May, is part of a NSW government initiative that highlights the impact of problem gambling further from the individual, acknowledging the causational harm that ripples out to friends and family members.

Gambling Awareness Week 2016

 Financial stress, bankruptcy, homelessness, relationship breakdown and suicidal ideation are very real consequences of problem gambling. For every problem gambler, up to 10 people are directly impacted. Whether it be the individual, friend or family member, each person will feel the negative impact on their relationships, employment and mental health.

In 2016, friends and family members are encouraged to talk about problem gambling.

The simple act of starting the conversation can potentially be the catalyst for change and assist problem gamblers in starting their journey to regain control over gambling.

Don’t wait for the situation to get worse before you seek help. If you believe a family member, friend, or yourself has an issue, find out how to recognize problem gambling. 

Wesley Mission counselling services are free, confidential and also available to friends and family members who may need support. Gain insight into the problem behaviour, and learn new strategies to help you and your friend or family member get back on track.

18 May 2016


Find out how Gambling Help's e-cards can help you talk about problem gambling. It doesn't have to be awkward.

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