What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Scheme (NDIS) gives those living with a disability the power to determine
where and how you spend your package of supports. On top of greater choice and flexibility,
this also means the opportunity to create the lifestyle you want, and on your terms.


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How will this affect me?

If you have a disability and are eligible for funded assistance, you will now be able to choose the funding structure to pay for support as approved by NDIS. This can include managing the funds yourself, entrusting them to a single provider, or a combination of both.

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Find the right funding option for you

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Provider Managed

For a simple way to manage your disability benefits, Provider Managed means you entrust your funds to one provider.

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Shared Coordination

If you wish to use two or more providers, but don't want the hassle of contracting them yourself, the Shared Coordination option could be ideal.

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Shared Management

If you would like personal access to your disability benefit, with the option of using an official provider to provide support for some areas of your life, Shared Management gives you that flexibility.

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Self Managed

As the name suggests, the Self Managed option allows you to receive your disability benefits directly. This means you can spend the money on approved NDIS funded services as you see fit.

Everything You Need To Know

The new scheme is person centred and individualised, allowing people with a disability and their families greater freedom, choice and control. People can decide which providers they want to use and can opt to structure some of their package so they can organise more flexible and individualised support.

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