Could you be a Foster Carer like Ben or Sarah?

Foster care and adoptions

Sarah is a teacher’s aide who loves helping kids fulfil their potential. Ben is a frontline medical worker who’s seen many kids doing it tough.

And both of them have decided to use their professional experience to become Foster Carers with Wesley Dalmar.

Sarah and Ben are being featured in a new Wesley Mission advertising campaign encouraging specialist workers to consider becoming Foster Carers with Wesley Dalmar.

The campaign is seeking to find loving homes for children as young as five who are currently in crisis accommodation.

Specialist workers like Sarah and Ben have developed a range of skills in their careers that make them ideal candidates to become Foster Carers.

Sarah says, “I find it very fulfilling using my professional experience to give children with high needs a stable home environment, and I can see the difference it makes in their lives.”

As a frontline medical worker, Ben is also able to use his experience to care for children with complex needs, saying:

“Over the years, I’ve seen what a big difference a stable home environment can make to children who have had a tough upbringing or experienced significant childhood trauma. I chose to become a Foster Carer with Wesley Dalmar, so I can use my professional experience to help kids with high needs get the care they need.“

The team at Wesley Dalmar provide the knowledge, skills and confidence new Foster Carers like Sarah and Ben need to offer the best care possible for the children in their homes.

“I’m very grateful for everyone at Wesley Dalmar. From the very beginning of my journey as a foster carer – and with every step along the way – they’ve provided me with an exceptional level of support, which is great for me, and the kids I care for too.”, says Ben

If you have experience as a medical professional, teacher or other caring profession, you can become a specialised Foster Carer like Ben and Sarah too.

To find out more, call 1300 DALMAR (1300 325 627) or visit

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