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Faith in the Crisis

Jesus knew the crisis was coming. His disciples had no idea. The night before, in the Garden of Gethsemane, He had sweat drops of blood. The oil press was being tightened.

Jesus had prayed that, if possible, the cup be taken from him. But He was willing to go ahead if there was no other way. He felt the coming crisis, but He remained faithful anyway.

He had asked His disciples to remain faithful in prayer while He talked with His Heavenly Father. They fell asleep instead. Sometimes complacency comes before crisis.

And while on the cross, Jesus still believed in a good God. He asked forgiveness for those who didn’t know what they were doing. Jesus remained faithful in the most severe crisis.

The original Good Friday, as recorded in Matthew 26-27Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23 and John 18-19, reveals the details of the crisis and how Jesus remained faithful while all others did not.

Jesus was able to stay faithful through His connection with God the Father.

Good Friday teaches us that we too can stay faithful by leaning on God, even in the face of crisis.

May God give you joy and faith this Easter. May Jesus always be your inspiration to remain faithful.

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