Obedience in Sorrow

Their sorrow was deep. The past week had been a massive emotional roller coaster ride. Just a week ago, Jesus has been welcomed into Jerusalem as a king with people singing and waving palm branches. And now, the women were approaching the tomb to anoint His dead body.

Oh, the sorrow and heartache!

But they obediently went to do what was needed, even though their hearts yearned to ignore this awful reality.

Obedience in a time of sorrow is so hard

The original Easter Sunday, as recorded in Matthew 28Mark 16Luke 24, and John 20, starts with the account of the obedient women as they return to the scene of their heartbreak.

But fortunately, it doesn’t end there!

Their sorrow is turned to joy when the angel tells them that He lives!

And again they respond in obedience. Obedience in joy is so much easier! They run to tell of the good news that their Lord lives!

Easter Sunday teaches us that even though obedience is not always easy, it’s always possible. In sorrow and in joy, we can always serve God obediently if we ask for His strength.

This Easter, may God turn your sorrow into joy and give you the power to remain obedient to Him through all seasons.

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