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Winter 2019: You helped Julia get back on her feet

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Winter’s when people with no home need you most.

Cold, scared, trapped … For years, Julia* and her little daughters Evie, 3, and Sara, 5, didn’t know where they’d sleep next, or how they’d buy food.

Winter was the worst, when it was hard to find enough clothes or blankets to keep warm.

Tonight 116,000 Australians have no home to go to.

You’ll be sad to learn a shocking 44,000 of them are innocent children like Sara and Evie, and vulnerable young people. That includes young mums like Julia. In other words, those who most need and deserve our protection.

Julia spent years after fleeing terrifying family violence with no job or wage as she cared alone for her daughters. Evie was a baby then, and Sara a toddler. Finding them some shelter and food was a constant, desperate struggle.

Feeling utterly defeated, Julia had run out of hope and options when finally she let down her guard and asked for help. Help that was only there because of the compassionate people who support Wesley Mission.

Through the generosity of our supporters, Julia and her girls now have a safe home in a modest but tidy Wesley Mission transitional property. Julia told us:

“You never think you’d need these services. But when you do, you can’t survive without that little bit of help. Without services like Wesley Mission’s I wouldn’t have been able to feed my daughters.”

*Names and photos changed to protect privacy


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