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Equipping people with disability, and their carers

28 August 2016 Wesley Impact! TV

This week, the Rev Keith Garner discusses how Wesley Mission supports people living with disability to find and maintain employment, and trains others to work positively in the field of disability services.

We also share Wesley Mission’s journey with Zach—who has been diagnosed with autism—and his family. Time with Wesley Disability Respite has helped Zach’s family remain strong and united.

Grace Saunders sings the popular song, ‘Broken vessels’, and the Rev Keith Garner explores Jeremiah 1:4-10 in the Old Testament.

Wesley Disability Services: Zach’s story

Wesley Disability Services supports people with disability and their carers through a range of services, including respite.

Seventeen year old Zach, who has been diagnosed with autism, attends Wesley Disability Respite when he and his family need some time to—as his mum Susan explains—“recoup, regather and start fresh”.

“If Zach wasn’t going to Wesley Respite, we’d all be a little frazzled. The little things we can deal with would become bigger things,” Susan said.

Special guest: Elizabeth Beleski

The Rev Keith Garner speaks to Elizabeth Beleski, operations manager of Wesley Training. They discuss how Wesley Mission trains people to work in the field of disability services and helps people with disability build the skills they need to find and maintain employment.

Guest performer: Grace Saunders

Emerging Christian artist, Grace Saunders, sings ‘Broken vessels’.

Keith’s message: Proclaiming the message

Rev Keith Garner explores Jeremiah 1:4-10, the first in a five part series on the Old Testament.

Like Jesus Christ, Jeremiah would suffer a great deal due to his faithfulness in proclaiming a message that nobody wanted to hear. Jeremiah’s call did not come in a vision like Isaiah, but by feeling God was speaking directly to him. God knew, formed, consecrated and appointed him.