See, Ask, Listen, Tell

Wesley LifeForce developed a simple suicide intervention strategy – S.A.L.T. This has been an integral component of the Wesley LifeForce suicide prevention training program since its development in 1996.

We provide it here for your benefit:

SEE the warning signs

ASK about suicide intent

LISTEN to the person

TELL or TAKE the person to appropriate help

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Building individual resilience

Wesley LifeForce believes to be most effective in helping others we must first look after our own wellbeing. Here a few pointers:

  • look after your physical health
  • practise positive thinking – challenge negative thoughts
  • think well of yourself
  • invest time and energy in developing new skills
  • look after relationships
  • get involved in enjoyable community activities for example social or sporting, or volunteer
  • don’t tackle major problems alone – ask for help and support when you need it