About Us

The Aged Persons Welfare Foundation (APWF) was created by a Trust Deed dated 12 September 1996 by Jack Stanley Richardson who had a passion for improving the quality of life of aged persons. He established the Foundation with a gift of $11.484 million.

Corporate Trustee
On 26 June 2014 the Trustees resolved to amend the Trust Deed of the Foundation in order to comply with the Public Ancillary Fund guidelines 2011 made under section 426-103 in schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 and to better align the Trust Deed with the latest version of the Public Ancillary Fund model trust deed published by the Australian Taxation Office.

The Trustees also resolved that it was desirable for the Trust to be administered by one corporate trustee and on 19 January 2015 Wesley Nominees Limited (ACN 602 837 221) was appointed as Trustee of the trust in place of the Trustees at that date.

The Directors of the Trustee Company are:
• Philip Hartog
• Andrew Frankling
• Graham Harris
• David Cannings

Distributions Advisory Committee
The Corporate Trustee has appointed a Distributions Advisory Committee. The members are:
• Cathy Beverley

Tax Status
The APWF (ABN 60 757 756 407) is an Ancillary Fund. It is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) covered by Item 2 of the table in Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Capital Fund and Annual Grant Disbursements
The Trustee holds a trust fund and makes distributions of income on an annual basis in the form of grants. The Trust Deed prohibits the distribution of any of the Capital of the Foundation.

Who does the Foundation Support?
The APWF understands that elderly people need understanding, tolerance and kindness. It is important that they have entertainment, social interaction and all the social comforts that they deserve. The APWF helps organisations to remove the uncertainty and fears of the aged and elderly.

The Foundation wants to support organisations that help people who are:

      • older Australians (minimum age dependent on demographics), and

      • are disadvantaged and unable to provide themselves with food or clothing, or

      • are lonely or unhappy because of their location, their environment or because of physical or mental disadvantage, or

      • need resources to make their lives more meaningful and interesting, or

      • need companionship, or

      • need stimulation or encouragement to use the gifts which God has given them, to satisfy their aspirations, to use their talents and to make them feel that life is worth living, or

      • need advice, or

      • need transport

    With the aim of assisting aged persons in the above circumstances, the APWF would like to receive grant applications from organisations that:

      • provide care in the form of entertainment or stimulation, or some other activity, which they are unable themselves to fund

      • assist persons living in their own or rented homes who need help to repair or maintain or alter their homes

      • assist persons who need holidays

      • support carers, who give most of their time caring for others

      • support volunteers or others who provide help and support to aged persons

      • purchase equipment, including wheelchairs, beds and computers to provide for the needs of their aged residents.

    The APWF provides grants to organisations that assist numerous aged persons rather than providing grants for the benefit of individuals.

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