Frequently asked questions

The APWF does not support projects relating to the construction, repair or maintenance of a building or part of a building, “unless for the improvement of areas / facilities used by persons we wish to help”

Yes. Regular periodical grants will be considered in cases where regular reports have been provided and where the Trustees experience with the applicant organisation has been satisfactory.

The Trustees must await receipt of the audited annual financial report before determining successful applicants.  The Trustees usually meet early each financial year. Advice will be forwarded to successful and unsuccessful applicants during August.

No. The Foundation provides grants to organisations that assist numerous elderly people.  By doing this, the Foundation aims to assist as many people as possible.

No.  The Foundation’s funds constitute a distribution of income from a charitable trust and are therefore exempt from income tax and
GST implications.

Yes. Please contact the Foundation, on (02) 9263 5555.  Leave a detailed message when you call and one of the trustees will return your call.

Historically up to $40k.