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Find out how a desire to make difference gave birth to the Lottie Stewart Hospital and how the site continues to serve our community today.

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Lottie-Stewart-HospitalAfter Sir Frederick Stewart lost his wife in the 1940s, he wanted to honour her memory. In a compassionate and generous move, he bequeathed his family home in Dundas, along with its farm buildings, implements and 18 acres of adjoining land, for us to open a hospital. It was called Lottie Stewart Hospital, bearing the name of Sir Frederick’s late, beloved wife.

In 1948 the premises was complete and the first patients were welcomed. Thanks to the financial help of Sir Frederick, the hospital was able to open debt-free. In line with its original vision, the hospital was able to provide truly compassionate, specialised care for older people who were terminally ill or had chronic illnesses. 

In time we added a residential aged care facility, Wesley Tebbutt Lodge, to the site, extending the community and providing a place for older people to live comfortably with a high level of care, without being admitted as patients of the hospital.

Over the years Lottie Stewart Hospital served thousands of patients and their families. In 2013 Lottie Stewart Hospital was formerly closed as a hospital and current being redeveloped with the support of the Property Investment Fund to help grow the Wesley Take Charge of Your Life program.

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