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Wesley Personal Care

Whether you need a lot of support or just a little, we can help you to continue living in your own home by assisting with; bathing, getting dressed, meal preparation and eating.

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Maintain a healthy, balanced diet with meals prepared and delivered to your home. Our nutrition, hydration, meal preparation and diet services include:

  • preparing special diets for health, religious, cultural or other reasons
  • providing modified eating utensils and eating aids
  • assistance feeding, as needed
  • providing enteral feeding formula and equipment, as needed.

Daily living

When day to day tasks become more difficult because of loss of hearing, sight or speech, our daily living services can provide the help that’s right for you. Services include:

  • fitting sensory communication aids
  • checking hearing aid batteries
  • cleaning spectacles
  • connecting you to telephone services that fit your needs.

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