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More support to help escape family violence

Escaping Violence Payment

If you’ve experienced intimate partner domestic violence – we can support you. 

The Escaping Violence Payment (EVP) is an Australian Government program, designed to help people aged 18 and above who have:

  • recently experienced intimate partner domestic violence
  • have a changed living situation
  • and are experiencing financial stress.

This includes violent or threatening behaviour that is: 

  • physically, verbally or sexually abusive
  • emotionally, spiritually or psychologically abusive
  • economically abusive
  • threatening, coercive, or seeks to control or dominate the other person. 

The EVP program can provide: 

  • financial assistance such as vouchers for essential items
  • goods and services such as removalists, bonds or basics for a new home
  • wrap-around support including safe and confidential services.

We believe everybody has a right to establish a safe home free from violence.

Access support now

You can:

If you’re in danger call 000, or for immediate support or advice call 1800RESPECT


The Escaping Violence Payment program offers financial assistance and confidential support for people who are leaving or have recently left a violent intimate partner.  

The Escaping Violence Payment (EVP) program can help you re-establish safety after leaving a violent partner.

You might be eligible for financial assistance and depending on your needs, other goods, services and wrap-around support.  

Visit Escaping Violence Payment | Uniting Vic.Tas ( or call 1800 EVP EVP (1800 387 387).

Contact a family violence support service or other support service who can help you determine your eligibility, make an application to us on your behalf, and assist with processing times.

Visit this page to learn more about how the EVP is being delivered in Australia.

As an Australian Government program, some eligibility criteria are in place.

For example, you may be asked to provide the following:

  • your birth certificate, or other documentation that verifies your age
  • your passport, a citizenship certificate, a visa or other documentation that verifies your Australian citizenship
  • a police report or complaint, AVO/DVO application, Court Order or referral from a specialist FDV service
  • evidence that you have left or are planning on leaving your home due to safety reasons, or evidence that the perpetrator has been legally excluded from your residence
  • evidence of financial stress such as difficulties paying for rent, mortgage or basic life needs

We will determine your eligibility as quickly as possible. However, if you are in a situation of danger now, please call 000.   

If you are experiencing family violence and need immediate support or advice, call: 

  • 1800 RESPECT 
  • NSW Domestic Violence Line – 1800 65 64 63. 


You can also be referred by a family violence support service or other support service. You can speak to your support service about being referred on your behalf.

They can call 1800 EVP EVP (1800 387 387) with the following details:

• details or evidence of your experience of FDV (if available)
• details of your changed living arrangement (or plans to change)
• details on inability to pay housing and living expenses, reliance on social security or limited access to cash.

A referral from a specialist service provider will assist with eligibility and processing times.

You may be eligible if:

• you are over 18 years of age
• you are experiencing intimate partner family or domestic violence
• your living arrangement has changed or an active plan to leave is in place
• you are experiencing financial stress.

You will need to provide information about your situation and be an Australian citizen.

No one will know that you have accessed the service outside of the relevant service providers.  

When you get in contact, you’ll be able to tell us how we can communicate with you safely so that your enquiry will not be discovered by a perpetrator. We have a privacy policy and will not disclose your details. 


Yes. Privacy, confidentiality and safety will always be maintained. 

You may be referred to other support services, such as specialist family violence services.  

The EVP’s eligibility criteria is set by the Australian Government, so Wesley Mission staff are unable to waive it. If you aren’t eligible, you may be referred to a family violence support service or other specialist support service.

You may find help, support and counselling services from domestic violence services or other support programs. You can search for support services here.

If you are in a situation of danger now, please call 000.   

If you are experiencing family violence and need immediate support or advice, call: 

  • 1800 RESPECT 
  • NSW Domestic Violence Line – 1800 65 64 63.

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