Australian Tax Office endorsement

The APWF can only consider applications for funding from organisations with (DGR 1) – Deductible Gift Recipient 1 status.

The Foundation was established for the specific purpose of granting funds to organisations to provide services and support for the welfare of elderly persons.

Types of projects we wish to support are those that focus on:

      • Older Australians (minimum age dependent on demographics)

      • Persons who need food, shelter or clothing.

      • Persons who are unable to meet their needs from their resources.

      • Persons in need of companionship, advice or transport.

      • Groups being cared for by another registered charity when the care required is for entertainment or some other activity.

      • Persons living in their own, or rented, homes but who need help to repair or maintain or alter their home but either need management or funds to get those things done

      • Persons who have the opportunity to obtain special care but who must have some assistance in order to participate

      • Carers ie, people who give most of their time to caring for others eg, care of old or incapacitated people – often relatives.  This is respite care to either party from time to time (we would have to fund the respite caring charity). 

      • Support to individuals (but not paid to them), often as members of a group who give help as needed to old people.

      • The purchase of equipment (wheelchairs, buses etc) to groups, subject to appropriate conditions

    Grant Exclusions:

        • Not for research of any description unless it is a minor part of the project.

        • Not for education, or religious purposes unless it is a minor part of the project. 

        • Not for payments to collection agencies; overhead expense (except where the amount claimed is actually paid, and was incurred due to the applicant’s involvement with our Trust);

        • Not for the purchase, repair, maintenance, of land or buildings unless for the improvement of areas / facilities used by persons we wish to help.

        • Not for care normally provided by hospitals or other similar primary health providers.

        • Not for overseas aid.

        • Not for purposes which can be funded by applicants from their own resources. 


          1. Service Providers specialising in Aged Care establishing projects for aged care residents should be preferred to peak organisations including the care of aged residents as one of their services

          1. Equipment Updating can be approved because the Founder had emphasised “Innovation” in care (the applicant should advise the Trust of lessons learned from such innovation – as this will benefit the care industry).