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Families and children

All children deserve a happy and healthy start to life. Our job is to help families by providing security care and support that is vital to a child’s development. Early intervention and prevention is a key area of focus behind the heart of the work we do, so that we can try and address issues before they escalate. We help mums and dads build stronger relationships with their children, and connect together as one family unit.

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Building stronger families

We can help your family access a broad range of services to ensure that whatever your family’s circumstance, you have a place to turn to.

For parents

Increasing parenting skills and confidence of disadvantaged families so that parents can meet the emotional, physical and developmental needs of their children.


For kids

Whether it’s your child’s development, behaviour or emotional wellbeing, we have a number of services that can support kids and young people.

Wesley Family Centres

Wesley Out of School Hours Care (Wesley OOSH)

Should you have any general enquiries or need to speak to someone regarding a booking or cancellation at any of our locations, please call the Wesley Out of School Hours Care (Wesley OOSH) office on (02) 9626 6620.

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