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Provided through Wesley Family Centres, playgroups are a great way for parents and children to connect in community.

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Five benefits of playgroup

  1. Developing social skills
    Whether your child is a social butterfly or prefers their own company, the freedom and flexibility of playgroups allow all children the opportunity to explore their development at their own pace.
  2. Building emotional confidence
    Positive relationships drive confidence and that work begins at home, with family and friends. Meeting new people through playgroups is not only an opportunity to build more positive relationships but gives the child and carer shared experiences.
  3. Exercise
    Skipping, dancing, running, jumping and more! Playgroups can be a great form of exercise for children and provide opportunities to develop those growing motor skills.
  4. Imagination and creativity
    Considering 80% of a child’s brain is developed in their first three years of life, creativity plays a critical role.
  5. Learning through role play
    If you’ve spent any time with children, you’ll know they copy everything you do; good and bad. Role play is a simple but highly effective way of learning for kids.

The list could go on but the best way to find out about playgroups is to join one. Contact a Wesley Family Centre or visit Playgroups NSW to find one near you.

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