Why become a foster carer

As a Wesley Mission foster carer, you will be providing a safe, secure and loving environment for very vulnerable, at risk children. You’ll become a vital part of a unique mission we have to serve those most in need.

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Ten reasons to become a foster carer

  1. give vulnerable children the opportunity to experience stability and care
  2. be part of a remarkable team
  3. work for an organisation committed to helping people most in need
  4. receive financial support, professional training and ongoing support
  5. use your skills and passion to raising children beyond your own family
  6. develop your skills and capacity in raising children
  7. extend the boundaries of your care and compassion
  8. offer meaningful support to the birth families of children
  9. nourish and enhance a child’s day to day life
  10. build stronger, healthier communities by raising strong, resilient children.

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