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Foster care

A strong family is the cornerstone to healthy communities. When children are unable to stay with their birth families, our foster carers provide security, stability and a safe place to call home.

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Our foster care success is the result of a lot of hard work and committed staff but it simply wouldn't be possible without our foster carers and mentors.

Why do children enter foster care?

Foster care is provided to children and young people up to 18 years of age, as they are unable to live with their own families. Children and young people enter into care for different reasons.

Children and young people are placed in care because they are at risk of significant harm or neglect, or in times of family crisis where the parent or carer voluntarily seeks support for their children. However, this is not the only reason. Children and young people are placed in care because the parent or guardian is in poor health, unable to secure work or housing, or due to disability and social isolation.

Is foster care short or long term?

There are different types of out-of-home care at Wesley Dalmar. Wesley Dalmar offers permanent, temporary, respite and residential care for children from birth to 18 years of age and aftercare support for young people (until they are 25 years old) who have previously been in care.

Temporary care is generally expected to be for a limited period of time to give support to the child in times of crisis or emergency care, or when a court order is in place.

Permanent care is for the longer term, generally until child reaches adulthood, and will always have some level of FACs involvement. Wesley Dalmar will provide you with a Care Plan.

Respite care is usually for a weekend or a period of time of less than seven days. This can apply to a child who is in a temporary or permanent placement with another Wesley Dalmar foster carer.

Respite care helps to provide time out for a permanent carer, or on the basis of voluntary placement to assist a parent /family in need.

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Jessica's story

Determination and resilience combined with loving foster carers to break the cycle of suffering in Jessica's life.

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Public statement of apology

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We express deep sadness and regret for any of the children in our care who did not receive the consistent, loving care that they needed and deserved.

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