Helping Simone re-find her confidence and kickstart her business

Since joining Wesley Mission’s Opportunity Pathways program, Simone has gone from strength to strength – not only with her business, but with her confidence as well.

Simone teamed up with her Employment Coach Amy after a difficult period in her life, to rebuild a strategy for her women’s styling business and get it up and running. It’s become very successful in the last few months, despite the obvious challenges of this year! 

Simone says that she was always going to end up in fashion, even if she didn’t realise it as a child.

“As a child I played with fashion plates my nan gave me. I loved spending hours trying to come up with different creations, not knowing that a styling career was certainly on my horizon.”

Simone found university difficult, but battled through and eventually landed employment in administration. She says that she found the work as frustrating as university:

“I had jobs where I would sit at a desk feeling creatively stagnant, hiding the anxiety I had suffered since the death of my nan when I was 11.”

Later, Simone worked in a boutique department store, but she was losing the joy of fashion that she’d known since being a child.

“The stress of meeting store KPI’s turned into resentment, and I lost the love I had of true customer service, the feeling of joy I gained from watching women walk away feeling great about themselves.”

“My anxiety overtook me, I found myself unwell, and spent time in hospital for mental health issues. I missed the feeling of creativity and self-worth that I got from style and fashion.”

Once she left hospital, Simone returned to what she loved: visiting op shops, and reading about sustainability in fashion, learning about the ways she could help the environment. After scribbling down some notes, Simone thought for a while and then her new business, Salvation of Style, was born.

“With the help of Wesley Mission and my beautiful consultant Amy, we came up with a game plan. I was not going to let COVID-19 stop me, and I started studying styling. I recognised that I needed a separate space for work, instead of running the business from home,” Simone said.

“As a stylist I conduct one-on-one sessions, helping people to achieve their style goals – whether it’s for getting back into the workforce or helping them look like the person they have always wanted to be.”

Simone uses affordable, second-hand clothing retailers, helping keep costs down and helping the environment too! She is so thankful for the chance she was given with the help of Wesley Mission’s Opportunity Pathways program.

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