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We are committed to the ongoing development of all employees. We have a dedicated Learning & Development team that supports employees to enhance their skills and knowledge so that they are thoroughly equipped to meet present and future challenges and opportunities.

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As an innovative and quality organisation, we believe that our success depends on our ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn as we adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients and supporters, our business objectives and the environment in which we work.

We consider learning and development as an investment in a sustainable future and we strive to implement it in a responsible, relevant and professional way across our entire organisation.

We support learning and development of all employees by:

  • fostering an organisation wide learning culture that values and prioritises learning and training opportunities at Wesley Mission
  • identifying relevant learning needs that relate to strategic objectives with a focus on business sustainability
  • providing training opportunities that allow employees to improve their job performance and satisfaction and assist them in effective career pathways
  • supporting and enabling further education for staff by providing assistance for role related study
  • designing and creating initiatives—including training, coaching and mentoring—that support learning on the job, recognising that most learning occurs in the workplace rather than in formal training
  • promoting and valuing team learning as well as individual learning
  • developing technological solutions to provide on-demand access to learning programs and live training by distance for the convenience of employees
  • embracing flexible learning delivery options to meet the needs of all employees regardless of location, working hours and learning needs—including designing and conducting assessments according to principles of reliability, validity, flexibility and fairness
  • identifying and implementing all industry standard requirements and developing learning plans that enhance the expertise of teams and individuals working in various industry areas.

We are committed to seeing all employees reach their potential and achieve their career goals. We recognise and celebrate the learning and development achievements of teams and individuals on a regular basis.

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