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Frequently asked questions

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  • How is my money used?

    All donations received by Wesley Mission help fund our community services, supporting those most in need and strengthening our community. Check out our latest appeal to learn more about how your donation is used.

  • Does my donation go to the church?

    No. Wesley Mission is part of the Uniting Church in Australia and our mission is to continue the work of Jesus Christ in Word and deed. To support our mission all donations are directly used in Wesley Mission Community Services. If you would like to financially support our Christian life ministries please consider making an offering. Offerings are not the same as donations and are not tax deductible.

  • What percentage of my donation goes toward administration?

    Of every $1 donated to Wesley Mission 82 cents is spent delivering community services. The remaining 18 cents is spent in administration.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes. All donations of $2 or more to Wesley Mission are fully tax deductible.

  • What’s the difference between a one off donation and a regular donation?

    A one off donation is a single donation made to a particular area of need or donated to wherever it is needed most. A regular donation is deducted from your credit card or bank account, via direct debit, on a regular basis.

  • How can I update my details?

    To update your mailing address, email address or any other details please email [email protected]. We never suggest sending any financial information via email. If you wish to update your payment details, call Wesley Mission between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday–Friday on 1800 021 821.

  • Do you accept donated goods or gifts in kind?

    Yes. Wesley Mission does generally accept donated goods and gifts in kind, but it can depend on the quality of the goods, the location and the current need for the goods. If you would like to donate any goods please email [email protected] or call 1800 021 821

  • What group or corporate volunteering opportunities do you have?

    Regretfully, due to COVID we have had to temporarily suspend our group and corporate volunteering at our sites including gardening.

    However we do have other volunteering activities to help us raise much-needed funds for people experiencing homelessness this Christmas.  Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more.

  • Does Wesley Mission retain my credit card details?

    In line with our Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance approach, Wesley Mission does not retain any of your financial details in our systems. PCI compliance refers to a set of requirements administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, an independent body, designed to ensure that all organisations that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.  Contact us at [email protected] for more information

  • How can I remove my details from Wesley Mission’s mailing list?

    If you no longer wish to receive Wesley Mission communications or would like to reduce the amount you currently receive, email [email protected] or call 1800 021 821. When contacting us, please supply your name, address and Supporter ID. If you would prefer to receive email communications than posted communications please provide a current email address. 

    If you are receiving unwanted communications from other organisations, we suggest registering your details with the Australian Direct Marketing Association’s (ADMA) Do not mail service.

  • How did Wesley Mission obtain my address?

    If you have received Wesley Mission communications you have either supported us in the past or we have acquired your contact details from an external list provider. If you no longer wish to receive Wesley Mission communications email your name and address to [email protected] or call 1800 021 821

Workplace giving

  • How can I start donating through workplace giving?

    If your employer has a workplace giving program, contact your workplace representative to find out if Wesley Mission is registered as a beneficiary. If we are registered, set up your personal workplace giving account with your employer and simply nominate Wesley Mission as your charity of choice. If your employer doesn’t have a workplace giving program, complete our workplace giving form or email your enquiry to [email protected] and we will encourage your employer to start a workplace giving program. Once this has been set up, you can start donating to Wesley Mission via your pre-tax pay.

  • What’s the difference between workplace and regular donations?

    Workplace giving is deducted from your salary before tax through your employer on a regular basis. Regular giving is an automatic regular deduction which you arrange directly with Wesley Mission, and the deduction is made after tax. For advice on tax rates, visit the Australian Taxation Office.

    Australian Tax Office 

  • What happens if I change jobs?

    If you change employer you may contact your new employer’s payroll representative and tell them that you would like to donate to Wesley Mission via workplace giving.

  • Can I reduce, increase or stop my workplace giving at any time?

    Yes, to make changes regarding your workplace giving you will need to contact your employer’s payroll representative.

  • Does Wesley Mission send receipts for workplace giving donations?

    No, you won’t receive receipts from us but, at the end of the financial year, your PAYG summary should contain the necessary donation information to be used for your tax return. 

Fundraise for Wesley Mission

  • Can I personally fundraise for Wesley Mission?

    Yes. Fundraising for Wesley Mission can be a fun and rewarding activity. If you have any questions, email [email protected]

  • How do I fundraise for Wesley Mission?

    Wesley Mission’s Everyday Hero or GrassRoots personal fundraising pages allow you to fundraise in whatever way you want to, whenever you want to. You challenge can be personally tailored around the time, energy and creativity that best suits you. Find something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t dared or tried, and challenge yourself with your personal fundraising goals. Tell your friends and family about your mission and start fundraising.

  • Why fundraise for Wesley Mission?

    Wesley Mission’s Everyday Hero or GrassRoots pages provide a unique opportunity to fundraise for vulnerable people in our community while also helping you to fulfil a personal dream or challenge.

  • Are donations tax deductible?

    Yes, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers.

  • Will receipts be issued?

    When your friends and family sponsor your mission via your online fundraising page, an e-receipt is issued immediately after their payment.

  • What if I make a mistake when donating online?

    If you make an error when entering the details of your donation, you have 30 days in which to notify Wesley Mission. All requests for refunds must be made in writing using one of these methods:

    Email [email protected]

    Fax (02) 9267 1022

    Mail: Wesley Mission Fundraising PO BOX A270 Sydney South NSW 1235.

    Please include the transaction date, donation amount, your name, the tax invoice number and, if you are an existing supporter of Wesley Mission, your Supporter ID.

  • What if I have a change of heart?

    Wesley Mission will not automatically refund donations if you have changed your mind. For this reason, we ask that you make your choice to donate carefully. If you have had a change of heart regarding your support, please contact us as soon as possible.

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