Wesley Lifeforce Training - Building Resilience workshop - Emerald QLD - 20 October 2021

The Boardroom at The Hub
12 Opal Street, Emerald Queensland
Event starts: Wednesday 20 October, 9:00 am
Event finishes: Wednesday 20 October, 1:30 pm
Portrait of a young man on focus outdoors among other faces

The Building Resilience workshop gives participants the chance to take ownership of their mental health and build new strategies to control their thoughts and emotions. Participants reflect on the personal management of their mental health, in collaboration with others, and end the workshop with new techniques and healthy habits.

Workshop structure

Session 1 Lifestyle factors in your mental health
Part 1 – What is mental health?
Part 2 – Lifestyle skills and strategies

Session 2 Cognitive strategies for improving your mental health
Part 1 – Cognitive capabilities
Part 2 – Self awareness strategies

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